Top 3 Health Tips during New Year that You Should Remember

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The New Year is a time for parties and fun. It is also a time for you to express your gratitude for the health, happiness, success and peace you have received during the year. Blessed are those who realize that they have several things to be thankful for. During the New Year, you should not forget to observe healthy practices, however. You should remember these top 7 health tips so that you would maintain your health in the coming year. As the cliché goes “Health is wealth.”

Tip no. 1 – Eat more of fruits and vegetables

New Year dishes are usually full of meat and dairy products. Meat fat and dairy products could increase your risk of cardiac conditions, such as, atherosclerosis, hyperlipidemia, hypertension and the like. This is because they contain bad cholesterol or Low Density Lipoprotein (LDL). Fruits and vegetables, on the other hand, contain good cholesterol or High Density Lipoprotein (HDL). Fish could also be a good source of good cholesterol. The HDL reduces your risk of contracting cardio-vascular diseases because they help excrete LDL, thereby preventing accumulation of LDL in the blood vessels. Fruits and vegetables also contain essential nutrients, vitamins and electrolytes that are needed by the body to be able to function well. If you are not able to resist meat, then eat an equal amount of good foods.

new year healthy food

Scrumptious watermelon, Image credit: Nikes Alviz

Tip no. 2 – Drink alcohol in moderation

You may not be able to avoid social drinking during the New Year, but you should drink alcohol in moderation because alcohol intoxication could lead to various adverse effects, such as, disorientation, muscle weakness, allergies, nausea and vomiting, coma and even death. If you were a teetotaler, previously, be sure not to consume more than a shot of gin or a bottle of beer within an hour. The body could only excrete that much alcohol from the body, so drink responsibly, in a manner that the alcohol would not amass in your system to cause intoxication. Remember, to drink on a full stomach too, because an empty stomach would allow the alcohol to go straight to your bloodstream and cause those side-effects quickly. As a rule, this quotation applies: “If you drive, don’t drink,” and vice-versa. Alcohol has proven to have untoward side effects never in your body, so it is best to drink responsibly.

Tip no. 3 – Get enough sleep

You would surely sleep at the wee hours of dawn on New Year or you would even not sleep at all. Whatever is your choice, you still have to get at least 8 hours a day, so you should sleep the whole night or day on January 2, 2014. Sleep deprivation could increases your memory loss, and decrease your cognitive abilities. Without sleep, some hormones and essential substances may not be released properly, such as, the GH (Growth Hormone.) Your body would be able to recuperate and recharge too because muscle activity is minimal, respiration slows down, pulse and blood circulation stabilizes.

These are 3 vital things that you should remember this New Year’s celebration or party. Health is wealth and you should always prioritize it over anything else.

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Quality Assurance: Focus on Quality Control Chart

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Category Laboratory Procedures


Quality assurance encompasses four stages of laboratory analyses: patient identification, patient and sample preparation, testing or assaying and reporting or recording of results.

Quality control is specifically used in the third stage of quality assurance which is testing, and is a valuable tool in the proper performance of laboratory tests.  This program monitors the reliability of results and identifies both the random and systematic errors committed, thereby helping the technologist correct the error.

Quality control

Quality control as part of Quality Assurance is very vital in determining whether results obtained are accurate or not.

I.      OBJECTIVES :   At the end of the experiment, the student shall have:

  1. discussed the importance of quality control;
  2. solved the statistical data correctly;
  3. constructed properly the quality control chart;
  4. interpreted correctly the quality control chart.
    1. Compute for the standard deviation of the following data results of CONTROLS for glucose determination by following these steps.
    2. Compute for the mean
    3. Compute the difference of each value from the mean ( x – x )
    4. Compute for the squared difference of each value   ( x – x )2
    5. Solve for your standard deviation (s.d.).
    6. Construct your Quality Control (Q.C) Chart

    Data obtained from glucose determination.




    Observed Value of Unknown in mmol/L


    Mean value


    ( x )



    ( x – x )

    Squared Difference

    ( x – x )

    1.   5.5
    2.   3.5
    3.   5.0
    4.   5.1
    5.   4.2
    6.   5.8
    7.   5.6
    8.   6.0
    9.   4.0
    10. 4.5
    11. 3.0
    12. 5.2
    13. 3.8
    14. 5.0
    15. 3.2
    16. 5.4
    17. 3.7
    18. 5.6
    19. 3.8
    20. 4.0
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Inspirational Gifts for Health Buffs This Christmas

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Category Keeping Healthy

There are various inspirational gifts this Christmas that you can give to health buffs. The best gifts you can give to a health conscious person are effective health products. As the body is taken cared of, however, the mind should also be attended to. This Christmas, you can be generous to give your friends or loved ones gifts that would truly benefit them because ‘health is wealth.’

inspirational gifts

Here are some inspirational gifts you can give a loved on this Christmas:

Book of quotations on health maintenance

Words of wisdom about health would, surely, be treasured by the person receiving it. Words are powerful; they could make or break a person. That is why a book of health quotations could change a person’s life. It is one great inspirational gift that you should seriously consider.

You could also give a health book, such as a book on how to exercise properly, or a book on what foods to avoid. There are various interesting books on health that would benefit your recipient.

An exercise machine or gadget

An apparatus or machine that could inspire and motivate people to exercise and maintain their good health is one superb gift. What could motivate to exercise more than a brand new machine delivered to your doorstep. Indoor exercise machines are excellent for people who do not have the time to visit a gym. So, next time you want to be generous, try an exercise machine or gadget, such as a stationary bike or a push-up machine.

A pair of jogging pants

This would be ideal for persons who jog daily. If you would want to encourage a physically inactive person to jog, you can wrap a pair of these clothing with his favorite colors. This would send a message to him that you want him to do some exercise. It would be an inspirational gift that would last a lifetime. A pair of tennis racquet could do the trick, as well.  If these do not elicit the expected response, then you can ask the person directly what he wants in the maintenance of his health. You could act as his moral support in his quest for a healthy body and mind.

Treat him to a health spa or to a body massage

You could take him to a health spa to encourage him to be more conscious of his health. When he notices that he feels better with these activities, he would be inspired to continue doing them. A body massage could also loosen up those tense muscles and nerves. You and he could relax simultaneously as your muscles get rejuvenated. Mental relaxation is essential for a person to maintain good health. A sound mind is important for him to be considered healthy.

Whatever health inspirational gifts you plan to give this Christmas, make sure that the recipient could find it useful and applicable to him. The end goal is to encourage and motivate him to take care of his body and stay healthy.

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Symptoms of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia Bph

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Category Diseases and Conditions

BPH other wise known as Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia is a condition which is associated with old age. Men aged 40 and above may display the symptoms of the disease.


These are the following symptoms:

* Enlargement of the prostate gland
There is a marked increase in the size of the prostate gland. Because of the swelling of the prostate, which tends to occupy the nearby spaces intended for other organs. One of the organs that is affected is the urethra which the prostate usually pushed aside causing a reduction or..


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Famous Quotes on Health and Well-Being

Posted 01 Dec 2013 — by admin
Category Health Procedures, Keeping Healthy

Quotes are one too many online, but famous quotes that are unique, trending and significant may not be readily available. Below are some health and well-being quotes that could guide you in maintaining good health as you embark on your life’s journey.

  1. A quotation by the great philosopher, Buddha states:

“To keep the body in good health is a duty… otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.”

This quote clearly establishes the vital connection of a healthy mind and a healthy body. If your body is sick, your cognitive abilities suffer, as well. This is because the neurons are nourished by the organ-system in your body.

When there is insufficient oxygen because of anemia, the brain cells suffer and your mental capability is significantly reduced.

Likewise, when you have respiratory problems, your brain cells suffer too because they would not be obtaining sufficient nourishment and essential nutrients.

  1. Another health quotation is from another philosopher, Virgil, who declared that:

“The greatest wealth is health.”

This is a popular quotation, which is observed by everyone. A person can lose all that he has but still would be considered wealthy if he is healthy. This is because when a person gets sick, not even her wealth would matter. In fact, all her wealth would be spent until he recuperates and become healthy again. How can a person enjoy his wealth when he is bed-ridden?

  1. A quotation by Benjamin Franklin has been adapted and is being by health buffs all over the world:

“Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy wealthy and wise”

Waking up early in the morning would set your physiologic clock active for the rest of the day. Sleeping early would, also, allow your body sufficient rest and recharging. The body needs to recharge and rest for at least 8 hours. Within these 8 hours, hormones, such as Growth Hormones, are released into the bloodstream for cell growth; physiologic processes slow down so that the body could re-charge. Muscles rest and relax, respiration decreases, and mental activities are at their minimum. These would allow the body and mind to ‘recharge.’

  1. Mark Twain, a renowned author, said this about health.

“The only way to keep your health is to eat what you don’t want, drink what you don’t like, and do what you’d rather not.”

The quotation is true. Most of the delicious and enticing foods today are ‘poisons.’ They are not good for the body. Cakes, chocolates, wine, meat, and other mouth-water dishes oftentimes contain dangerous lipid substances, toxins, and high-calorie-foods.


Vegetables, which are considered bland foods, are healthy foods because they contain anti-toxins, phytochemicals, and are low in calories. Fruits are also healthy foods because, just like vegetables, they could provide important minerals, vitamins, and essential nutrients to the body. To maintain your health, you have to eat the appropriate amount of proteins, carbohydrates, and lipids.

These famous quotes can help you maintain your health and well-being. So you could enjoy your life.

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Laboratory Test for Chloride Determination


Chloride is an anion that appears to have fairly negative role in water balance.  It moves from one compartment to another with sodium to provide ionic balance to the positively charged sodium ions.  It is being determined routinely in the laboratory because of its relation to several diseases.  Its determination is vital to proper diagnosis, hence the appropriate skills in performing the determination is stressed in this experiment.
Hypochloremia or low chloride level is manifested in: salt-losing nephritis associated with chronic pyelonephritis, prolonged vomiting, metabolic alkalosis.  Hyperchloremia or high chloride levels is seen in: dehydration, renal tubular acidosis, acute renal and metabolic acidosis associated with prolonged diarrhea.


At the end of the experiment, the student shall have:

  1. explained the principles of the determination;
  2. discussed the principles of chloride determination;
  3. enumerated factors affecting the determination;
  4. prepared the “patient” correctly, before the procedure proper
  5. collected the appropriate specimen;
  6. performed the chloride determination with the appropriate skills;
  7. reported the correct results.



Disposals syringe, 5cc                                applicator stick

Tourniquet                                                    test tubes, 13 x 100

2 cuvettes                                                    test tube rack

3 serological pipette, 1 ml                           aspirator

4 serological pipets, 5 ml                            pasteur pipet

  1. Dispense 500 uL of reagent into tubes labeled Blank (B), Standard (ST) and Unknown or Sample (SA)
  1. Place 5 mL of specimen into appropriately labeled tube, mix by inversion.
  1. Place 5 uL of distilled water into appropriate tube.  Mix by inversion.
  1. Place 5 uL calibrator reagent into ST tube.  Mix.
  1. Allow the solutions to incubate at 37 degrees C for 3 minutes.
  1. Adjust spectrophotometer to zero absorbance at 500 nm using chloride blank.
  1. Read and record absorbance values for calibrator and unknown.
  1. The test samples should be read 60 minutes after color development.
  1. Calculate the results by using the formula:

A of unknown

Unknown mEq/L = x Calibrator concentration

A of calibrator

Normal Values:

90 – 106 mEq/L

CSF – Adult:                          118 – 123 mEq/L

Infant:                         110 – 130 mEq/L


  1. Exercise care not to touch pipet tips with the finger since chloride contamination may result.
  1. Exposure of samples or reagents to hydrochloric acid fumes may cause high results.
  1. Chloride reagents are harmful when swallowed.  DO NOT PIPET BY MOUTH.  DO NOT INHALE.
  1. Turbid reagents should not be used as these indicate deterioration.
  1. Hemolyzed serum should not be used.
  1. Serum should be separated immediately from clot.
  1. Lipemic serum must not be used.
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Science Fiction Films: Which is Better “Shutter Island” or “The Crazies”? Medication or Lobotomy?

Posted 06 Nov 2013 — by admin
Category Diseases and Conditions, Health Procedures, Keeping Healthy

Science fiction films are thrilling stories to watch on screen. More so with medical sci-fi. If you are a movie enthusiasts, which is better “Shutter Island” or “The Crazies”?

These two films may not be purely science fiction; “The Crazies” is horror, and “Shutter Island” is a psychological thriller, but they both deal with health concerns. You can evaluate each film based on the significant information on health that it provides.

“The Crazies”

“The Crazies” is directed by Breck Eisner and stars Timothy Olyphant and Radha Mitchell. It has been given a 55/100 Metacritic score and a 6.5 IMDb score.

The plot revolves around a community which has its water contaminated with the “Trixie” virus. This virus could cause mental abnormality, making people blood-thirsty, indifferent and murderous. The film was a box-office success, although its rating is at 6.5 at IMDb.

The health information gleaned from “The Crazies”:

  • Usually, viruses have incubation periods (the “Trixie” virus had a 48-hour incubation period.)

The person does not usually display symptoms but the microorganisms are already inside his body. After the incubation period, symptoms would occur that may lead to serious complications that could cause death.

·     Contamination can come from water, the food that we eat, and the air that we breathe.

Most often viruses are easily transmitted through the air. Colds viruses could hit you instantly once you inhale the virus-laden air. You could also get infected by air droplets, or directly from a person who sneezes or coughs. Avoid staying in one area with infected persons. If you could not do this, ensure that you have a mask on. Wash your hands thoroughly before eating.

· Treat the condition as soon as symptoms appear

If you feel sick, don’t procrastinate. Visit your doctor to know why. You will have a better prognosis if the viral infection is still in the early stages. There is no cure for viral infections, what the doctor treats are the side-effects or complications that result from the infection. Viral infections are generally self-limiting, so they go away, all by themselves.

To help you determine which is better, “Shutter Island” or “The Crazies”, here are facts about the film and health facts related to it.

“Shutter Island”

This movie is directed by Martin Scorsese and stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Mark Ruffalo. It is about two marshals who investigate a psychiatric facility. “Shutter Island” is a psychological thriller that earned locally and internationally. Its Metascore is 60/100, and has an 8 rating at IMDb.


The health information gleaned from “Shutter Island”:

  • The mental state of a person affects his health significantly

Persons who are mentally ill are also sick physically. This is because it is in the brain, specifically, the hypothalamus that all stimuli from the different parts of the body are processed. Without the hypothalamus, a person would not be able to respond. There would be no feeling of pain, hunger, warmth or anything. That is why you can do anything to a comatose person, and he would not react.

·      Mind control techniques are dangerous

Unless, you are an expert, mind control has still many gray areas. Lobotomy should be the last resort in treating psychiatric patients. It should only be performed when extremely necessary. Mind relaxation methods, such as, meditation and relaxation techniques are encouraged but these are best done under an experienced guru.

Which is better “Shutter Island” or “The Crazies”? It is now your decision.

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How to Perform Orthotoluidine Test for Glucose

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Category Clinical Chemistry, Laboratory Procedures


Glucose test is one of the most commonly performed tests in the blood by the Clinical Laboratory.  Glucose is a monosaccharide derived from the digestion of carbohydrates.  They are extremely vital to proper body function and are therefore good indicators of an existing pathologic condition in a patient when elevated above normal values.


The Ortho – toluidine method is a condensation method making use of aromatic amines. The principle of the test is based on the ability of aromatic amines in acid solution to condense with the aldehyde group of glucose to form glycosylamine (glucosylamine) and a schiff base.


disposable syringe, 5 cc           applicator stick

tourniquet                                water bath

test tubes, 13 x 100                 2 cuvettes

test tube rack                           4 serological pipettes, 1 ml

4 serological pipets, 5 ml                  pasteur pipet



1. Set up four test tubes and label them as follows:

Blank (RB), Unknown (SA),   and Standard  (ST).

2. To the  specific tubes  pipet as indicated below:

Blank                   0.1 ml of distilled water.

Unknown             0.1 ml unhemolyzed serum

Standard              0.1 ml working standard

3. To all of the tubes, add 4.0 ml of the orthotoluidine reagent and mix thoroughly.

4. Place in a boiling water bath for  8 minutes.

5. Cool immediately in cold water for 2 – 3 minutes.

6. Read at wavelength 635 nm against a blank.

7. Calculate the concentration of blood glucose using the following equation:

O.D. of the Unknown/Control

———————————— x 2– mgs% = ng Glucose

O.D. of the Standard

N.B. To convert mg% to mmol/L, multiply mgs% obtained by 0.0555


- 6.05 MMOL/l (S.I. Units)

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Preparation of Solutions; Calibration of Volumetric Flasks and Serological Pipets


In the Clinical Chemistry section, procedures require accurate measurements of specimens and reagents to ensure reliable results. Volumetric instruments must be accurate and reliable and calibrations should be verified.

Volumetric instruments include pipets, volumetric flasks, and burets.


OBJECTIVES :   At the end of the experiment, the student shall have:

* identified  the volumetric instruments  used in Clinical Chemistry;

* discussed  the  specific use of each volumetric instrument;

* drawn and labeled  the  volumetric instruments;

* demonstrated  the  proper use of the different instruments;

* prepared  solutions correctly using the proper glassware.


serological pipet                      aspirator

volumetric flask, 100 ml                   water

test tube rack


1. Calibration  of  Volumetric Apparatus:

2. Fill up to the mark the volumetric flask and serological pipet.

3. Weigh the volume of distilled water contained on both glasswares.

4. Calculate the true volume of glasswares by the formula:

Weight of dist. H2O

True volume of glassware   =  ————————–

Density of H2O AST

5. Calculate the percent error.

True Volume- Experimental Volume

% ERROR = ———————————————x 100%

True Volume

6. Record data.

Preparation of Solutions:

1. Half fill the volumetric flask (100 ml) with distilled water.

2. Gently pour 8.33 ml of concentrated HCl into the flask.

3. Fill with distilled water up to the mark.

4. Mix well by inversion and transfer to a clean glass container.

5.     The solution you prepared is 1 N HCl (100 ml)

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Amazing Health Benefits of Beets

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Category Diseases and Conditions, Health Procedures, Keeping Healthy

You may not know it but there are inexpensive but healthy foods you can include in your diet. Beets are one of them. Not everyone knows the amazing health benefits of beets. Beets contain essential nutrients that the body needs to perform its various physiologic functions. These seemingly innocuous root vegetable is considered one of the world’s healthiest foods. The benefits of beets come from its following components:

benefits of beets

Beets, Image credit:


Betalains are phytonutrients that help detoxify the body of harmful foods and waste products of metabolism. There are two common types of Betalains, betanin and vulgaxanthin.  Studies have shown that aside from the antioxidant property, Betalains could also act as anti-inflammatory and detoxifying agents. Studies also revealed that Betanin could also reduce cell tumor growth.

When the body is not detoxified, intoxication would occur, the body’s normal pH of 7.35 to 7.45 would be drastically altered and the person could go into a coma, and then eventually death, if left untreated.


Carbohydrates are the “go foods” of the body. With carbohydrates, the body has enough energy to perform man’s daily tasks. Carbohydrates perform this function by providing the necessary nourishment for the body cells to function. Carbohydrates are reduced to monosaccharides in the small intestines and the liver to produce energy for the body’s consumption.


This substance helps promotes a sense of well-being by relaxing the mind and reducing stress. With relaxation, the blood pressure stabilizes, and the vital signs, such as, pulse rate, respiration and heart beat becomes normal. Stress and anxiety increase blood pressure, pulse rate, respiration and heartbeat. These conditions, in turn, can lead to hypertension, blood-gas imbalance, improper blood circulation, and respiratory problems.


Vitamins A, B and C are essential components for the body’s growth and development. Vitamin A is responsible for healthy skin and eyes, while Vitamin B is crucial for red blood cells (RBC) development, and Vitamin C, for teeth and gums. Deficiency of these vitamins could lead to Vitamin B deficiency anemia, pyorrhea (bleeding and inflammation of gums) and irregularities in the skin.


Minerals such as, phosphorous, magnesium and calcium are found in beets. Phosphorous, in the form of inorganic phosphate, is vital for the digestion and metabolism of food. Magnesium takes part in important nerve impulse transmissions, while calcium is needed for bone and teeth development. Without these minerals, certain body functions would not occur properly.


Betain is one of the most common components of drugs used to treat depression. Just like tryptophan, it contributes to a person’s sense of well-being. When a person is mentally healthy, the risk of incurring pathologic conditions brought about by stress and anxiety is reduced. Betain also acts as an inflammatory agent that could reduce swelling in joints during gouty arthritis or trauma.

These are some components that contribute to the health benefits of beets to man. If you are one of those health- conscious persons, who want to eat inexpensive but healthy foods, then you may want to add beets to your diet the next time around.

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